Young Adults

Young adults (sometimes referred to as “college-age adults” or “early career adults”) face unique challenges in an ever-changing world. Processing these stressors in therapy can lead to improved mood, reduced anxiety, and a greater sense of resiliency!

Common issues that bring my young adult clients to therapy include:

  • Adjusting to life as a college student
  • Entering the work force or starting a new career
  • Moving out of their parents’/legal guardians’ home
  • Taking on new roles or responsibilities as a young adult
  • Beginning or ending their first serious romantic relationship
  • Uncertainty around one’s identity or purpose as a young adult
  • Other changes that lead to increased stress and/or unhealthy coping behaviors

Young adults may not have the same support they once did as teens, and yet believe they are expected to “have it all figured out” by their late teens or twenties. If you are struggling with the whole “adulting” thing, then know you are not alone, and therapy can help!